About Snappy Baby

Welcome to the Snappy Baby Store!  Some of you may know me, but I wanted to introduce myself to those that find me here first.  My name is Crisi, and I started my company, Snappy Baby, as an online shop on Etsy.  In May of 2020, Etsy decided to implement some changes that I do not agree with, so I have decided to move to my own site.  This will be a progressive move because inventory is difficult to update immediately between the two sites.  I try really hard to keep my inventory up to date so I won't have missing designs!  I am very grateful for my time on Etsy, but this site will allow me to expand past what I could and offer some cheaper alternatives (like closer to accurate shipping costs! Yay!).

When I started my shop way back in 2013, I actually started it as a baby products store. (That's where the name came from!)  However, I never once sold a single baby item even though plenty of friends and family in my area loved my blankets and other baby items.  Instead, I kept getting messages asking if I would just sell people the flannel.  I didn't quite understand why until I went back to a store to get some flannel for a baby blanket request from a family member and the store told me the flannel was "discontinued".  (My response was probably very similar to many of yours when you heard the same thing.)   I was very new to the industry and brand new to sewing still, so this was a total shock to me.  The next time I liked a design, I bought all they had in the store.  This made me realize that there were many other people out there that were like me and loved a specific design and really needed it, but they couldn't get it anymore.  So, I switched to selling flannel fabric and stopped making the baby blankets (unless a friend or family member needed one).  I keep reinvesting the money I get into more designs and have found a great group of crafters that really appreciate the service I provide, so I keep going!

Currently, I search for limited edition, hard to find, and out of print designs to make sure I keep a variety for everyone.  I've tracked some designs down for people at times (and buy extra for other people that want it).  With over 40,000 yards of flannel, I have more than enough for people to keep busy!  I enjoy helping people find that special design that they absolutely love.

Although this site (snappybabystore.com) is my store, I also have snappy-baby.com, which I will be using as an informational site.  I have also partnered with my twin sister to be able to provide even more products and more information for crafters.  We are also trying to provide a place for crafters to get more exposure!  We know that the 2020 pandemic has changed the way companies can work and sell, so we're going to put our extensive business experience to work helping others be successful, too. 

Keep an eye on snappy-baby.com for more information and join my mailing list here on snappybabystore.com for updates and information on sales.  This shop really isn't about ME... I'm just a small little person in the crafting world and I know that the flannel I sell is used in many, many shops out there.  I want to help you all share that with the world, so make sure to come back for updates and join that mailing list!  (I really, really hate spam so I promise it will ONLY be used to provide information on what is going on with my products and what we can do to help all of YOU!)

The flannel that I sell is from all over the country and various brands including, but not limited to: David Textiles, Timeless Treasures, Riley Blake, Joann Fabric and Crafts, AE Nathan, Fabri-quilt, and so many other wonderful designs including ones that do not always put their names on their products but are just as great!  I don't have the same response time on this site as I have had elsewhere, so if you DO NOT like a specific brand then you might want to try elsewhere.  I try to keep the best products that I can find in stock!