Over the years, many questions have come up.  I have the most common ones here for you to check!

Q: Will my flannel come in a continuous piece?

A: Yes, for all orders that are for quantities that are one bolt and under, the flannel fabric that is purchased will be a continuous piece.  If a design has more than one bolt available, it will be listed in the description on the longest piece available.  If you order more than one bolt of that design as it is listed, then you will get your order in multiple pieces.  If you do not notify me of the desired cut size then you will be sent whatever is available at the time of your order. 

Q: Do you have cheaper shipping options?

A: No, I do not have any cheaper shipping options.  The shipping has been set up to be the best price for you for the quantity at the time of purchase.  With recent changes in the various shipping companies, insurance is necessary.  Remember that all the flannel that I have is limited in quantity and almost everything is a discontinued design.  That means we can't get it again once it sells out!  With the amount of fees on selling, the best and most economical option will be chosen at the time of shipping and the cost will start at $7.85. 

Q: Can I reserve flannel to purchase at a later date?

A: Although I have done this in the past in my original shop, this is no longer an option on any of the platforms I may be on.  The limited supply of flannel fabric out there as well as the increased demand for it prevents me from being able to say I can hold onto a design anymore.  However, I often times have more than what is listed so if a design you love sells out, check back again later in case I can get it relisted!

Q: Do you have a discount coupon?

A: No. I do not use coupons at this time.  People have abused coupon codes that I have sent out to certain people and given them to websites to pass around and it is not fair to me or to the people that pay regular price.  I will no longer use discount codes because of the way that other websites take advantage of the codes that are created.  (This was all from selling on Etsy, so this policy MAY change as I shift completely over to snappybabystore.com.)

Q: Do you ever have sales or bulk discounts?

A: The gigantic increase of fees on Etsy has forced me to end bulk discounts.  This MAY change as I shift completely over to this site.  However, I WILL run at least one sale a year no matter what!  I always have a sale around the holidays!  It's a last minute decision on which day to start the sale, so you really should sign up for my emails to get that information.  I'm ONLY going to announce it through email this year!  If I find that I can offer more sales throughout the year, then that will be the best way to find out the dates.  I really want to offer flash sales off and on for limited times, so make sure you are signed up for email updates and I will send out more information on those once we get them up and running!

Q: Why do you not accept returns?

A: This is a tough question, but basically it's because it is just too difficult to sell that exact size of flannel again to another person.  I end up losing so much money on a return that I would not be able to continue doing what I do unless I charge a fee for a return.  That's why I provide a ton of information in each listing and ask that you look at all images, etc., before making the purchase.  I also do not accept cancellations, so please be careful when you purchase!  

Q: What brands of Flannel Fabric do you have?

A: I try to track down all different types of brands to give people a variety.  I have brands such as AE Nathan, Joann Fabric and Crafts, Timeless Treasures, Fabric Traditions, Riley Blake, Michael Miller, Henry Glass, 3 Wishes, Camelot Fabrics, David Textiles, Maywood Studio, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, and some others... and I'm always looking to add more to my store!