Addicted to Flannel!

Growing up, I was told that sewing was not worth learning because it was cheaper to buy an item than sew it. We did not have options to learn sewing in my school, so I never really learned... until I had my own kids. My Grandma made me the best baby blankets for my first child, so when I had my second child I decided to teach myself how to sew. I've always had an addiction to flannel items, so flannel baby blankets became my new addiction!

Well, I made a great blanket one day with a terrific design and someone else asked me to make them one. When I went back to the store, though, they were sold out of that design and said they wouldn't be getting anymore back in. They called it "discontinued". I was very new to the industry and brand new to sewing still, so this was a total shock to me. The next time I liked a design, I bought all they had in the store. After a while, I found that other people had the same issue as me and I started putting my flannel online to sell my extra. I've had soooooo many people contact me about specific designs, so grateful that I have so many options (especially the one they are looking for) and have found a home of wonderful people with the same flannel passion as me.... so it keeps me going.

Now, I search for limited edition, hard to find, and out of print designs to make sure I put on my ETSY site. I even track some things down for people. I thoroughly enjoy dealing with flannel and have more than enough to keep me and many other people busy. I strive to have a lot of every design so anyone can have the chance at getting that design that they just absolutely love. It makes me happy to be able to share all the flannel joy with other people, and I love hearing about the wonderful products that are made with the flannel and how much joy people get from them!

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